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What is gospel?

How do people use this music?

How did gospel get the name?

Where can you hear it?

  1. Now listen to the gospel music. Do you like it? What is your impression?

  1. What is your favourite style of music?

  • I like classical music. I can play the piano and I enjoy playing. The classical music makes me feel better. I dislike heavy metal. It\'s really loud.

(висловлювання кількох учнів).

5. Music Questionnaire\" Are you a lover of music?\"

Many people like music but \"lovers of music\" love it and try to fill every minute of their life with music. As a rule they don\'t have much free time so they are very categorical in their choice of favourite music. A real \"lover of music\" chooses the best. And what about you? Do you belong to the category t \"Music lovers\"?

Answer the following questions and score:

1 point if you answered positively to the questions 2, 3, 6, 7, 8(b), 9, 11, 12;

1 point if you answered negatively to the questions 1, 4, 5, 10;

2 points if you answered positively to the question 8(d);

3 points if you said \"Yes\" to the question 8(c).

Then read the interpretation of you score and find out what your real attitude to music is.

  1. Do you think that interest in jazz will soon pass?

  2. Can you name 5 kinds of string instruments?

  3. Can you tell the sound of French horn from other instruments in the orchestra?

  4. Do you feel a fresh surge of energy when you listen to \"hard\" or \"metal\" rock?

  5. Can you fall asleep to music?

  6. Do you think a musical comedy is an old-fashioned genre of music?

  7. Does classical music help you to forget about your problems?

  8. Which of the following singers do you prefer to listen to when you are relaxing: a) Michael Jackson? b) Valeriy Leontyev?

c) Tina Turner? d) Elvis Presley?

9. Do you like to listen to folk songs?

  1. Your favourite song is being played at a party. Will you dance to it?

  2. Have you ever heard about a concert for a grandpiano and a tuba?

  3. Can you recognize a melody you liked from the first six notes if you hear it for the second time?

Score interpretation:

More than 8 points - you are a true \"lover of music\". Music can help you in your most difficult life situations and share your joys and sorrows. Music is necessary for you, it helps you to work and relax, to think and to create. You can\'t imagine your life without music and you think you know much about it. It is really so and we are happy for you.

4-8 points - You only like music which is pleasant to your ear. You listen to serious music only when you are in a corresponding mood. You are not a true \"lover of music\". You are more interested in the singer than in the music of a song.

Less than 4 - What you like is the music which is called \"music for your feet\". Well, anyway we hope that music helps you to relax and or have some exercise.

  1. Заключна частина уроку.

Summarizing. 1.Підведення підсумків уроку.

Did you like the lessons?

Was there anything new for you?

Homework. 2. Домашнє завдання.

Your homework is to answer the question \" What kind of music do you like?\"


План-конспект уроку з теми:\" American Holidays. Thanksgiving Day.\"


Students will be able to develop their skills in reading, trying to get the main information from the text; speak about American holidays;;learn new vocabulary concerning the topic; to develop speaking skills; to develop student\'s ability to read effectively; to enrich student\'s knowledge on the topic;

Supplies: sheets of paper with the text, cards, pictures.

Type of the lesson: reading lesson.


I. The beginning of the lesson

1. Greeting.


Last lessons we spoke about American traditions and holidays. We like holidays, we need

holidays, we can\'t live without holidays. The word \'\'holidays\"comes from the words \"holy\"

and \'days\". Almost every country has holidays honouring important events in its history.

\"Thanksgiving Day\" is our today\'s topic of discussion.

By the end of die lesson you should be able :

to understand the gist and details of the text for reading;

to talk about Thanksgiving Day.

Warming up

2. Warming up.

Introductory Talk.

- What American holidays doyou know?

On January 15, Americans celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King. He was a minister who fought against racial discrimination. He said that a person\'s character is more important than the colour of skin. To remember Martin Luther King, many Americans go to church or participate in public ceremonies.

On the third Monday in February Americans celebrate Presidents Day. This holiday honors two of the greatest presidents George Washington, the first president, and Abraham Lincoln, the 16 th president.

Easter is celebrated on a Sunday in April or May. On Easter Sunday children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a basket of candy.

Americans celebrate Valentine\'s Day on February, 14. It is a day of love and friendship.

On March, 17, Americans celebrate an Irish religious holiday, st. Patrick Day. On St. Patrick\'s Day they decorate the houses schools, and streets with green shamrocks. They say that everyone is Irish on st. Patrick\'s Day.

New Year\'s Day celebrates the start of a new year.

On July 4 the United States celebrate Independence Dav. because on Jury 4. 1776— Americans founding fathers declared that, the United States would be free and indepe ndent from England.

Columbus Day: Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492. That\'s why Americans celebrate this holiday.

Halloween\'s one of the best holidays for children. American children celebrate Halloween on October 31. Children wear masks and colorful costumes. The children walk door to door in the neighborhood and shout \"trick or treat\"

Americans celebrate Christmas on December 25. Christmas is a religious holiday andOne of the happiest holidays of the year because it is the day that Christians celebratethe birth of Jesus Christ.

3. Match the holiday with the picture.

Independence Day Christmas Halloween Columbus Day

Presidents Day St. Patrick\'s Day New Year\'s Day Easter Valentine\'s Day